6 must-haves in your work wardrobe

Monday, May 01, 2017

I have two unbreakable rules in life - never wake up before 9am on a Saturday and never repeat an outfit. The first one I think should be in the bible really; the second one I agree may seem a little excessive. But when I say outfit, I actually mean a whole exact look and not, by all means, a piece of clothing. A few years ago, I used to spend my last penny on that statement piece that would just make an outfit. And then I realised after wearing it once, it was never the same - never felt as good in it as when I bought it. This actually makes me a freak because I barely wear any dresses - as I can't repeat them - but it also made me see that a good wardrobe should have a few statement pieces, yes, but ultimately should be made of must-haves that you can coordinate in a million different ways. This doesn't make me shop any less but it does make me a lot happier.

So here are the key must-have things you need in your work wardrobe: 


It can be black, white, navy, long, short, loose or waist-fitted. But you've got to have one. Or 3. I personally am a fan of long oversized blazers, a bit tomboy like - they're still chic, office-like but a bit more stylish. I have a white, a black and a grey one. All from Zara, mainly on sales. Run.

ZARA here and here


Cliché, right? Yeah I know but it has to be said. When you don't know what else in the world to wear to work, this babe will save you big time. And no, these two items don't have to be the ugly suit type thing our mums used to wear 15 years ago. There are skirts and there are blazers - they do not and should not match.

TOPSHOP here and ASOS here


Ok I agree this one doesn't necessarily fit everyone. If god blessed you with generous thighs as opposed to my jelly belly, then I would stick with the skinny black jeans - they can be just as elegant and appropriate and you won't look like you have a potato sack on your bum. But if you're into the cigarette trousers, then go nuts on the colours.

ZARA here and here


I'm not huge on heels but I do love all kinds of ankle boots (velvet, suede, silver, anything goes). And these are my best friends in London because I refuse to walk 35 miles in painful heels. Or 5 really. But from spring to autumn, a cool pair of flats can make the perfect look. My favourites are my black pointy flats with a gold tiger on top. Not as weird it sounds.

TOPSHOP here and ZARA here


All accessories strengthen the look but earrings are my favourites. Gold, silver, coloured, long, short, crazy. That day when you'll be in a black jumper and jeans because everything else was just blhec, they'll make your day.
PEDRA DURA here and here


Last but not least. Get the boyfriend, the sleeveless, the plain, the embroidered, the stripy, the one with the flared sleeves - get them all as you'll need as many as you can get.

ZARA here and here

M x

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